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William "Will" Nekton is the patriarch of the Nekton Family. He is an oceanographer and former Olympic swimmer. He is 44 years old and 192cm (6’4”) tall.


William Nekton has dark brown skin and brown super short fro, he also has dark brown eyes his wetsuit color is turquoise with the family deep blue.


Will Nekton is a former Olympic medal swimmer and a passionate oceanographer whose dream was to discover the lost city of Lemuria. He is sensible and responsible befitting his job and age. He is passionate about all things mysterious and a believer in the mysterious but not to the same outlandish degree as his son Ant.


Will was literally born at sea as his parents were living on a boat at the time of his birth. Will developed a natural affinity for the water as he and his parents spent years in the Coral Triangle, where he grew up alongside the children of the Bajau Sea Nomads. It was during this time that Will’s curious nature surfaced. His parents could never keep him in one place. He was always swimming away, as far as he could go, wanting to find out what was beyond the next reef.

These early days spent in the water stood him in good stead as he became an Olympic swimmer in his late teenage years. Despite notable success in the pool, Will would never be happy swimming in a straight line, and, in his early twenties, he stunned the sports world by announcing his early retirement from swimming to study Oceanography.

William Nekton (from graphic novel)

A devoted father, Will now spends hours in his study aboard the Aronnax, staring at charts and reading ancient texts. However, for Will, the ocean isn’t about the maps that already exist, it’s about the places and mysteries still unexplored and uncharted.

Like generations of Nektons before him, Will has devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of the sea. Although Will wishes to know the ocean’s secrets, if he sees a way in which the world may exploit his discoveries, he will never share them.


Ant Nekton

The bond between Ant and himself is quite strong. He has passed on his love of the sea and it's exploration. They both share a deep sense of wonder.

Fontaine Nekton

They are both highly intelligent of one another. Fontaine often makes cups of coffee for him however sometimes so focused on his research he forgets them.

Kaiko Nekton

He met Kaiko in college, they got married and had Ant and Fontaine.


He met Dolos in college where Dolos often stole from him.

Devil Daniels

He is not fond of Devil Daniels' disregard to safety and his deceitfulness.

Captain Hammerhead

Captain Hammerhead is an enemy of Wills due to the fact of their differing interests. The Nektons make money through research, exploration, conservation and protection of the ocean whereas Hammerhead gets money through its destruction in the form of stealing anything living or not of value.

They are willing to work together for the safety of their children.

Mad Madeline

William does not trust Madeline because she is a pirate.

Smiling Finn

William does not trust Finn because he is a pirate.

After the events of "The Big Clue" it is assumed they are on better terms as his information lead to the rescue of his missing parents.



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