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The White Knight armored exo-frame is an EVA (extravehicular activity) suit used for deep-sea exploration and labor.

The suit is 3.2 meters tall (10.5 feet) with a displacement of 1.5 tons.

A single-person, armoured diving suit, the White Knight can go everywhere a normal person can’t. Self propelled through the water, the White Knight boasts an extra pair of super strong arms and a heads-up display.

Sailfish Mode:

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The Sailfish mode is an upgrade made by Professor Fiction during the episode "The Race" of season three.This was made in order for the knight to try beat the fastest animals in the sea,the sailfish.It has a yellow double sailfish fin on the back of the knight for speed.


The suit allows for:

  • Speed and maneuverability as a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle);
  • Fine-point hand manipulation with large, powerful "waldo" arms;
  • a protective frame for pressurized environments; and
  • a laser-cutter for cutting through wreckage and debris.


White Knight/Gallery

The White Knight (graphic novel)


  • The White Knight is the only knight used by all four members of the Nekton Family. It also has the most users of any knight, with a total of six (the additional wearers were Captain Hammerhead and Nereus).


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