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Sorry to keep y'all waiting... but yes, after having the Pandemic to impact all the long waiting, it's finally happening. The ABC has gave The Deep animated series another season, this time to Season 4! It has been official and while it was a long time coming, we now know it will be coming soon.

Here's what we know about the upcoming season so far:

  • Season 4 will have the same format as last season, 13 episodes, each an half hour.
  • Infinite Studios of Singapore and Indonesia will also be working on the series. If you are not aware them, they have an Animation department responsible for working on some shows such as Octonauts, X-Hunters, and Sonic Boom. Note that they also have been responsible for Post-Production and Visual Effects.
  • A Stark Production will continue to work on scripting, storyboarding, design, and music while WildBrain will handing editorial, directorial, voice recording, and post-production operations.
  • So far, CBBC (UK), SVT (Sweden), the ABC (Australia), and Super RTL (Germany), will continue to air it. In Canada, it'll now air on Family Channel instead. No word if it'll be aired on Netflix worldwide or if it'll be sold to other streaming services and/or other networks regionally.
  • No word if the cast will be reprised, as well as airing dates on the networks.

And if you're curious what season 4 will be like, I'll let the synopsis from Skwigly do the talking,

After searching for generations, the Nekton family have finally found the fabled city of Lemuria, unlocking secrets and tantalising mysteries. But the greatest discovery they’ve made is also the most shocking: proof that Ant and Fontaine’s grandparents made it to Lemuria! The Nektons had given up on ever seeing their loved ones again – but now they have hope. Now their most important search begins. While encountering more legends and myths, pirates and leviathans, the Nektons will explore The Deep…in search of their family.

Even with how the pandemic has impact the animation industry, it wasn't easy to have this delay production, but the good news is that at least there is light at the end of the tunnel for this. I hope you'll be able to look forward to Season 4, but in the mean time, you can still watch the last 3 seasons of The Deep on Netflix or whatever channel it airs on TV (best to check your local listings for that). Hopefully you'll keep your faith in the fish while we all await for what comes next for Season 4. Please remember not to spoil it or to spread unofficial rumors, (and we're serious...). If you dare spoil or share those rumors, then Hammerhead and his pirates will come after you! But still, hope you guys will look forward to it!