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The Rover is small submersible craft used by the Nekton Family for deep-sea exploration. It is capable of diving even deeper than the Aronnax, and can fit into the small trenches and ravines inaccessible to the Aronnax. The two front pods houses a pair of mechanical arms and hands that retracts while not in use. It is fitted with cameras all around the craft and bright halogen lights.

The Rover is 3 meters long (10 feet), or 4.6m (15") with arms extended, and has a displacement of 1 ton. It can accommodate up to four people, with the two front seats being able to control the submersible.


  • A running gag through out the show is the Rover crashing and getting partially/fully destroyed as follows in chronological order.
    • Crashing into a trench wall.
    • Having some of the controls ripped out by Will to stop A.I.M.Y.
    • Getting smashed by a giant hermit crab.
    • Almost falling off a cliff.
    • The canopy getting ripped off after barely escaping Colossal squid.
    • The canopy getting smashed by the tail of a giant Seahorse.
    • Getting hit by a shockwave emitter.
    • Getting stuck in seaweed.
    • Almost getting eaten by a Megalodon.
    • One of the arms getting chewed up a deep-sea mining machine.
    • The communications getting ripped out by a pirate.
    • Again getting attacked by giant hermit crabs.
    • Taken control of Alpheus and getting trapping Kaiko inside.
    • Getting thrown into a mount by a super-Eel.
    • Attacked by the Kraken.
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