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Crest of the Guardians

The Guardians is a mysterious organization tied with the mystery of lost Lemuria.

They are charged with keeping the culture of Lemuria alive.


When Lemuria first began, the royal family had a team of scientists to research anything they wanted. As the kingdom progressed, more scientists joined the team. As Lemuria started crumbling into the sea, Queen Dores entrusted the closest scientists to keep the memory of the sunken kingdom alive. As the scientists who survived evacuated across the globe, they started to gather together and over time, started infiltrating governments and other authorities, always watching for those who would search for Lemuria, and disturb its fragile slumber, electing a new leader every so often.



Although a former leader of the Guardians, he continued to look after the Nektons in discovering information about Lemuria.



Former Members


Proteus was a former member of the Guardians until he was banished from the organization after luring the Nekton family into a trap and attempted to kidnap Ant.[1] In Season 2, he later works with Alpheus Benthos while continuing their search for Lemuria.

The scientists of Lemuria

Leadership And Elections

Every few years, The Guardians have an election to choose a new leader. There are two other members who have control over most things, however, are not as high as the leader.

Nereus used to be the leader until Proteus was chosen in an election.

Ever since Proteus was thrown out of The Guardians, it is unknown who is the leader now.


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