The Swamp Knight armored exo-frame is an amphibious EVA (extravehicular activity) suit used for exploring caves and surface wetlands. This suit was built for land- and sea-based operations. Unlike other EVA suits, this suit can operate as freely on land, as it can in water. While not as large as a Mag Knight, it is stronger and heavier. Its hand and arm actuators are strong enough to crush rocks.

The suit allows for:

  • Speed and maneuverability as a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle);
  • Fine-point hand manipulation with large, powerful "waldo" arms;
  • a protective frame for pressurized environments; and
  • an assortment of tools: laser-cutter drills, winches, magnetic grappling hooks, etc.

The suit is 3 meters tall (10 feet) with a displacement of 3 tons.

This vehicle is exclusive to the animated series. In the series, Kaiko Nekton has a preference to the Swamp Knight. Antaeus Nekton likes to call the suit “Swampie”.

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