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"Smiling Finn" is the elder child of Captain Hammerhead (and the older brother of Mad Madeline) and the young First Mate of the Dark Orca pirate sub. He is 16 years old and 166cm (5’5”) tall.

His name is mostly likely an alias based on his family obsessed with the classical Pirates and for his constant smug expression. Finn has a crush on Fontaine Nekton. This family knows this, and teases him about it. He gets amused when Ant teases his sister about not being a real pirate, and would allow them to cause trouble across the ship, if only to be alone with Fontaine. Because he lowers his guard around her, she gets the upper hand way too easy with him to the point of being deemed a security risk be his father.

So far, Smiling Finn only appears on the animated series. Smiling Finn is voiced by Samuel Vincent.


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