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The second season of The Deep animated series premiered on August 22 on ABC ME in Australia, beginning with "From the Stars" and ending with "The Gates". In Season 2, the Nekton family were trying to figure out where Lemuria is based on the Ephemychron, where most episodes are sites in which the Nekton family think could be Lemuria.


The Animated series was renewed a second season on October 6, 2016 while keeping commitments with its current partners with the DHX-owned Family CHRGD in Canada, Super RTL in Germany and Netflix in the US. For the first time, the series was moved to ABC ME in Australia under the new arrangement while the season's episode length was reduced by half from 26 in Season 1 to just 13. This also means that the Seven Network is no longer involved in the production of the Animated Series.[1][2]


In Australia, the animated series was moved from 7TWO of the Seven Network to ABC ME (formerly known as ABC3) of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In Canada, it continued to air on the DHX-Owned Family CHRGD as well as Super RTL in Germany as part of the production companies' commitment to them.

Netflix continued to hold streaming rights of the series in the United States and other countries.




Overall No. Season No. Title Original Airdate Aired on
27 1 From the Stars August 22, 2017 ABC ME
"The Nektons try to stop a fallen satellite's fuel from polluting a marine sanctuary. But someone else is interested in the satellite - Alpheus Benthos, who is intent on finding Lemuria before them!"
28 2 The Baltic Sea Anomaly
"Is the Baltic Sea anomaly really a UFO that crashed into the ocean 600 years ago? Ant thinks it is. But what the Nektons find inside is even more strange and frightening."
29 3 Mermaids
"Mermaids don't exist, right? Well, if that's true, then what's that mermaid-shaped thing swimming outside the Aronnax? Ant is determined to find out, even when pirates get in his way."
30 4 Treacherous Waters
"The Nektons enter an area of the Bermuda Triangle where the laws of physics don't seem to apply. What's more, they can't escape! Can it be that Jeffrey has to save the day?"
31 5 Kenji's Monster
"A giant, upright creature, straight out of a monster movie, is walking across the ocean floor, causing havoc. Kaiko knows this isn't a normal sea creature. But what is it? And how can it be stopped?"
32 6 Finn Comes Aboard
"Pirate boy Smiling Finn comes to the Nektons pleading for help. He wants them to stop his father, Captain Hammerhead, from stealing a treasure that he believes will destroy his family."
33 7 Beware The Sentinels
"A mysterious, ancient temple beneath the sea has been hidden for centuries. The Nektons discover it was hidden for a very good reason, and the local sea life protect it at all costs!"
34 8 Hidden Secrets
"The Nektons' nemesis Alpheus Benthos breaks into the Aronnax to steal the Ephemychron and stop the Nektons from finding Lemuria forever! Ant is determined to get it back at all costs."
35 9 The Maze
"The Nektons find a mysterious underwater maze. When they enter it, walls shift and they become disoriented. They're soon trapped inside and, what's worse they're not alone!"
36 10 Whale of a Time
"The Nektons encounter a huge, white whale, but Devil Daniels: Monster Hunter is trying to capture it. When they discover who the whale really is, the Nektons go head-to-head with Daniels to save it!"
37 11 The Missing
"The Nektons find the Dark Orca pirate submarine completely deserted! It's as if the pirate crew have abandoned it. But why? And what are those mysterious, ghostly sounds?"
38 12 Thunder and Lightning
"At Catatumbo Bay, a lightning storm has been raging for hundreds of years and for the first time, it's intensifying. The Nektons' investigations reveal that a gigantic creature is responsible!"
39 13 The Gates
"When Alpheus Benthos announces he has found the gates to Lemuria, the Nektons fear he's beaten them to their greatest prize! But Alpheus soon unleashes forces he cannot control!"


  • This is the first season to have thirteen episodes instead of twenty six like the previous season (Season 1).
  • This is the first season of the three seasons to have thirteen episodes, the others being Season 3 and Season 4.
  • This is the first season in which they explored the areas from the Ephemychron, starting their actual search for Lemuria.