• The deep plesiosaur
    "We discovered a giant underwater dragon called a plesiosaur. It’s an 11 on the Scare-O-Meter. And my Scare-O-Meter only goes up to ten! It’s also making a weird clicking noise. I should probably fix that.

We know the plesiosaur is guarding something VERY secret and VERY important. I wish I knew exactly what, but then it wouldn’t be secret anymore…and secrets are cool. It’s a big conundrum for me."-Ant's Paragraphs on the Plesiosaur featured on the official website.

The giant plesiosaur featured in the deep is a navy blue color with massive front flippers and smaller back ones, that in the television series, are hidden mostly from sight and are positioned in a similar manner to the pelvic fins on a fish.

the plesiosaur also uses bioluminescence.