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Quotation1.png I only know that one of these symbols will lead to Lemuria or could be Lemuria or not! Quotation2.png
Nereus being evasive

Nereus in an eccentric old man who gives the Nektons vague advice on their search for Lemuria.

His age is 6000 years old as shown in the episode "Lemuria" where it shows that somehow or magically he is beyond human age. He is 162cm (5’4”) tall.

Nereus is voiced by Lee Tockar in the animated series.


Whenever Nereus is with the Guardians, Nereus will wear the standard robe, just like the rest of the members. But if not he will wear a standard white t-shirt. In addition, he has a long beard and a mustache, with a bracelet from Queen Doreus that he uses to keep his beard in order with the crest of the royal family on it.



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  • Nereus is most likely named after the Greek god Nereus who was called by Homer in his epic Iliad as "The old man of the sea".
    • Alternatively, he could be named after the unmanned submersible of the same name which reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench on May 31, 2009.
  • Once he came back to Lemuria during the episode "Lemuria" he started to remember memories when he was first there before Lemuria had sank.
  • Nereus was the first guardian sent from Queen Doreus.


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