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The Nektons are a family of sea explorers who live in a submarine, the Aronnax.

The family is made up of:


The Nektons come from a long line of marine explorers and scientists who have been searching for the lost city of Lemuria. It was discovered that the Nektons are actually descendants of a branch of Lemurian Royalty and, as such, have actually been searching for home.

Will's parents were enthusiastic marine explorers who knew Nereus personally, but unfortunately went missing on an expedition. It is unknown if Ant and Fontaine ever knew their grandparents, but they seem to hold great respect for them, as do Will and Kaiko.

Kaiko and Will originally met in college, before eventually marrying and having Fontaine and Ant.


Antaeus Nekton

Antaeus Nekton is the youngest of the Nekton Family. Ant is also the caregiver of his pet fish, Jeffrey. Ant has grown up surrounded by adventure and at no point has he realized his life is far from the norm. Growing up as an aquanaut, Ant shows almost no fear or trepidation when trying something new or potentially dangerous.

Fontaine Nekton

Fontaine Nekton is the firstborn child of Will and Kaiko, as well as Ant's sister. She is the Aronnax's navigator, as well as a versatile musician. She can play guitar, keyboard, and even hold a tune on a conch shell.

William Nekton

Will Nekton is the father of Ant and Fontaine and the husband of Kaiko. He was a medal winning Olympic swimmer until he gave that up to become an oceanographer. He enjoys history and archaeology, and can translate several dead languages, including Latin and Akkadian, as well as Ancient Greek.

Kaiko Nekton

Kaiko Nekton is the mother of Fontaine and Ant and the wife of William Nekton. Kaiko is a marine biologist and is also a former employee of the World Oceans Authority where she resigned from her job due to a complicated history with Commander Pyrosome. She is also a mechanic, meaning that she can also work on repairs on the Aronnax.



Jeffery is Ant's pet fish. He is a "thrill-seeking daredevil." He has his own knight, the Jeffery Knight.

The Crest

Nekton's crest

The Nekton family have their own crest which appears as an blue circle outline with the inside with three squid legs: a large one, a medium one and a small one. The Nektons wear this crest on their uniforms, and are all color coded for the family members. Ant is orange, Fontaine is green, Will is cyan, and Kaiko is pink. Professor Fiction also wears the crest on his t-shirt as well, however unlike the Nektons, it is not color-coded and is just the standard blue and white symbol.


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